School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University was established in 1985, originally under the name “Oral outpatient department of Lanzhou Medical College”. The hospital was renamed " Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou Medical College" in 2002. The name “School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University” was adopted in 2004. The undergraduate education section was founded in 1989, and the postgraduate education was founded in 2009. Nowadays, School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University is a 114-dental chair and 50-bed upper first-class dental hospital, a leading private dental healthcare provider in Northwest China. It is also a medical college and eventually evolved into the institution, a unique combination of teaching, clinical service, research, and preventive oral health care.

    At present, the school/hospital has existing staff of 171, including 10 professors, 6 chief of doctors, 14 associate professors and 22 associate chief of doctors. One PhD adviser and more than thirty MA student advisers also work here. Team of physicians and nurses in school/hospital has been recognized by a number of independent organizations for overall excellence. Thus, approximately 50,000 outpatients visit hospital each year.

    Standing on the new historical start, With School motto of Lanzhou University, " Strives constantly for self-improvement, Self-Discipline and Social Commitment", new generation of elite stomatological professionals staff from School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University devotes oneself to build the school/hospital into a world-renowned stomatology center for teaching and research, and be dedicated to the well-being of Chinese society.