The feedback session of specialty accreditation for stomatology of Lanzhou University was held

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The feedback session of specialty accreditation for stomatology of Lanzhou University was held at Yifu Science Hall on April 15. The session was hosted by Xuedong Zhou, the foreman of the expert group for the accreditation and Commissioner of the teaching guidance committee of stomatology specialty in higher schools of the Ministry of Education. Other members of the expert group, including Nuo Zhou, Jianguo Liu, Yumei Niu, Weidong Niu, Jing Mao, Haiyang Yu, and Linlin Zhang, Chunhua Yan, President of Lanzhou University, Qi Guo, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Lanzhou University, and Baotian Pan and Yumin Li, Vice Presidents of Lanzhou University attended the meeting.

Xuedong Zhou delivered the assessment results and comments on behalf of the expert group. In the opinion of the expert group, Lanzhou University has accurate orientation of talent cultivation, clear education objectives, and normative teaching-management. And the teaching facilities meet the basic requirements for the stomatological undergraduate education as well as the education standards proposed by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, Lanzhou University was recommended to pass this accreditation. The expert group suggested that Lanzhou University, as a high-level comprehensive university, should take advantage of its disciplines and talents and further strengthen its stomatological undergraduate education. And Lanzhou University should make full use of the opportunity offered by “Double First-Class” Initiative, further integrate the resources, advance the operating facilities of the School of Stomatology, accelerate the construction of the stomatology hospital affiliated to Lanzhou University, and improve the quality of stomatology talents. These efforts will make Lanzhou University become a window for the opening and development of Gansu Province as well as a city icon of Lanzhou.

Chunhua Yan, on behalf of Lanzhou University, expressed the sincere gratitude to the expert group for their hard work during the specialty accreditation. “Although we have passed the specialty accreditation of stomatology, we still have a long way to go to achieve the goals of ‘Double First-Class’ Initiative of Lanzhou university”, Yan said, “We will attach great importance to our defects unveiled by the expert group. We will keep improving the quality of stomatological education through accelerating the rectification, following the model, and getting closer to the model.”

Bin Liu, Dean of the School of Stomatology, said that they would draw on the opinions of the expert group seriously, formulate the rectification plans immediately, implement the plans one by one, refine the development blueprint of the school, and fall them into place.

The principals of some functional departments, the School of Medicine and each medical school of Lanzhou University, and representatives of teachers and students attended the feedback session.

After the feedback session, Chunhua Yan organized a session of arrangement for rectification tasks immediately. He raised the clear requirements for putting the rectification plans in place according to the opinions of the expert group. Qi Guo, Baotian Pan, and Yumin Li made a specific arrangement respectively based on their own responsibilities.

Yan said the School of Medicine should take the specialty accreditation for stomatology this year as an opportunity and take the clinical medicine accreditation next year as a starting point, thoroughly implement the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National congress, accelerate the comprehensive reform, streamline the management, and make medium- and long-term plans for the medical education. Yan said, “The School of Medicine must plan for the introduction and training of talents as a whole. The medical treatment, the education and the research should be integrated. We need to establish a regular academic exchange mechanism among medical disciplines, scientific and technological disciplines, and other disciplines. The School of Medicine should serve as a connective bond. The medical disciplines need to become the growth point of the reform and development of our university.” Yan went on to make the following claims. The medical schools and relevant departments of the university should have an open pattern and an international vision, build the hospital of stomatology in Gansu province according to the requirements of the national grade 3 and first-class specialist hospital, and combine the One Belt and One Road initiative with the spirit of the Lanzhou University. The School of Stomatology should strengthen the coordination and resource sharing of stomatology education with two affiliated hospitals, combine basic theory teaching with clinical stomatological skill training, further improve the teaching staff, optimize the teaching arrangements, form scientific research characteristics, highlight cultural development, and promote international cooperation. Yan claimed that the School of Stomatology must implement comprehensive improvement roundly according to the feedback of the expert group. He said that we will strive to make a new look within a short period and pursue “greater progress” on the basis of “small progress”. Teachers and medical staff of medical disciplines should fully realize their responsibilities and glorious missions, have new goals and the awareness of “Excel in the performances”, constantly exploit own development potential.