Young teachers of the School of stomatology earn the first prize of the 5th young teachers' teaching skills competition

Date: 2018-07-05 Clicks: ...

On May 24th, the 5th Young Teachers' Teaching Skills Competition of Lanzhou University Medical School was held at Classroom 302, Tianshan Hall on Yuzhong Campus. Seventeen young teachers have participated the competition. More than one hundred people, including the representatives of medical school young teachers and students, teaching supervision, teaching consultants and student judges attend and watched this competition.

During the competition, every contestants has demonstrated their teaching abilities from lesson plans, on-site teaching demonstrations (including teaching content, teaching organization, teaching language and teaching style, multimedia application, political ideology) by expert judges and student judges respectively. The college teacher Zhao Yuan won the first prize of this competition and the most popular teacher award, rely on her rich teaching experience and excellent on-the-spot performance. Meanwhile, Liu Wenjuan, the teacher representing the college, won the third prize. This competition's result was the best performance of the School of Stomatology's in this event.

After the competition, experts and student judges have given some positive and fair comments to those lectures according to those young teachers have shown. The deficiencies of every contestant was specifically pointed out, and those suggestions for improvement were put forward, which played an important role in further improving the teaching level of young teachers by those experts. Those suggestions mainly focus on how to improve the teaching methods in their daily teaching, how to improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching. students favorite teachers communicated in-depth exchanges and discussions with everyone, and proposed that college teachers should establish a student-oriented teaching philosophy, make persistent efforts, and making your own contribution to the construction of school exquisite courses and bilingual courses.

Through this competition, the exchange among young medical teachers have been promoted and the young teachers’ ability of innovation has been fostered. This activity will in turn promote the rapid growth of those young teachers, let them to be the backbone of colleges, even school teaching teams, as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the activity build a platform for college to foster teachers. It also reflects the feature of undergraduates education that “student-centered and teacher-centered” of Lanzhou University.