Two teachers are studying at Nankai University

Date: 2018-07-12 Clicks: ...

Teachers of Baoping Zhang and Jingli Zhu from Lanzhou University attend foreign oral comprehensive specialized training courses at school of stomatology, Nankai University in July 2 through July 12, 2018.

Guest professor Zhou Wenlian and professor Dr. Thiriot from the School of Dentistry, University of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA guidance training course that medical history collection, examination, diagnosis, and treatment process as detailed explanation consider about comprehensive and systematic of disease. Combined with several typical clinical cases, firstly, started with clear explanation of the patient's main complaint, and secondly, make comprehensive understanding of the patient's general condition and medical history clarified patient's previous or current medical history, medication history, and history of dental treatment, and again to check patient's general condition including blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. After that, detailed reports and clear diagnosis are required, focusing on oral specialist examinations from inside to out, involving soft and hard tissues followed clearly records of periodontal examination and prosthodontics based on currently oral conditions. Result of comprehensive diagnosis or phased sequence treatment involving various aspects such as tooth, periodontal, repair, orthodontics required after overall consideration at curved tomography, full-mouth apex or CBCT. According to Dr. Zhou, ‘diagnosis should be systematic and comprehensive, we can't just develop only one treatment plan but consider the recommendations of multiple doctors at the same time, most important thing is patient's personal will for giving multiple options with patients to choose’.

At the end of the study, the professors gave some specific cases, and the students used the group discussion method to present the overall thinking of the clinical patients in the form of PPT case reports, which showed flexible teaching method. Dr. Thiriot said: ‘The purpose of teaching is let students master the whole clinical consultation, rather than simply learning from a certain disease.

Through this exchange of study, we have further understanding improvement of us on-the-spot diagnosis ideas. What’s more important is we feel teacher’s brave in knowledge, exploration, rigor, diligence, and dedication I have learned are far more than just professional knowledge and teaching methods.