Bearing in mind the glorious mission and inheriting the red memory --our hospital held a group day activity to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the May 4th movement

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On May 5th, our college held the May 4th youth league day activity themed "Bearing in mind the glorious mission and inheriting the red memory" in the XingLin building of the medical school campus. The activity was presided over by Chen Jiajing, deputy secretary of Youth league committee of our college. And Miss Huang Yan, secretary of Youth league committee of the college, and all the students of grade 2013, 2015 and 2016 attended.

The activity is divided into three parts. First of all, It is the "New Youth Memory" link, Chen Jiajing gave a short introduce about " Youth Day" and the league badge to all students , and led us to preach the league flag, wear a league badge, sing the song of the league and revisit oath league activities. Second, It is the "new youth stories" link, grade 13 student representatives ZongYaWen and LuYuSheng share about one's deceased father grind is protected with the junior a junior research experience, grade 15 student representative, Liu Jun talks about his pursuit of dream, grade 16 Zhang Kunwu shares his thinking of youth strength. In the end, It is the "new youth theater" link, Miss Huang Yan gives a lively lessen which includes reviewing of history, the constitution, " Learn Present Xi's speech and become a qualified member of the communist youth league" and how to do an excellent league member.

The group activities actively respond to the school to learn the spirit of " Youth Day ", deepened our understanding of the communist youth league classmate, make the students feel the historical sense of responsibility as a league member.