The 20th Anniversary of the 1998 Alumni in School of Stomatology

Date: 2018-08-20 Clicks: ...

On July 21, 2018, the alumni of Lanzhou University school of stomatology returned to their long-lost alma mater to celebrate the 20th anniversary of graduation.

Alumni gathered in front of the college gate at 9:00. Look at the the familiar faces, expecting eyes, bright smile, they are very excited. Alumni visited the campus where they had studied and lived. Walked around the canteen, classroom, playground, dormitory, they recalling the funny, embarrassing, boring, absurd things ... all the familiar scenes opens the floodgates of memory, It's full of memories of youth.

At the hospital of stomatology, associate dean Li welcomed everyone on behalf of the school. Alumni visited various departments and donated a souvenir to the college. Alumni talk about the friendship between teachers and students. Associate dean Li introduced the achievements and changes in the development of the Stomatological School and Hospital. Du xiaoming of class leader on behalf of the students speech, expressed the nostalgia to school and schoolmate, and the gratitude to the teachers. Alumni thank the alma mater for giving their love and cultivation, to teach their knowledge and enterprising spirit quality, Lanzhou University is always their spiritual homeland, they will abide by their duty, enterprising, for their alma mater to win glory.

“Twenty years ago we start from here,and now we are back here where our dreams began, wrinkles rise up our foreheads, and where the sideburns add white hair, but the only thing that remains unchanged is our heart.”