Associate Professor Zhang Kailiang of School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University was Invited to Goethe Dental Shool for Academic Exchange

Date: 2019-04-10 Clicks: ...

Associate Professor Zhang Kailiang, director of the Department of Prosthodontics from School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University, was invited by Dr. Paul Weigl, Department of Postgraduate Education in Goethe Dental school, Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany, for academic exchanges, from March 10-18, 2019. Goethe University founded in 1914, is a world-renowned international research university. Its dental school's has a prestigious reputation in the international implanting, especially the complex implanting technology.

During this period, associate professor Zhang Kailiang has participated in many academic forums and observation lesson of MOI implanting master's courses. He discussed with many internationally renowned implanting experts and exchanged his opinions with them. Meanwhile, he also attend some high-challenged surgeries, such as immediate implanting and immediate restoration of full-mouth implanting, which were conducted by implanting expert Professor Nentwig G. H., and what is more, professor Zhang even got a personal guidance by Dr. Nentwig G. H. 

School of Dentistry, Goethe University Frankfurt closely follows the latest international developments in implants. It aims to cultivate high-quality implanted medical students with a rigorous academic attitude. The dental school provides dentals services at all levels, eagerness to improve students' practical skills and to work scientifically. Taking this academic exchange as an opportunity, we will broaden our mind and be constantly innovative in accordance with the development goals of our institute to provide more advanced teaching concepts for students and more high-quality medical services for patients.