Department of Periodontology

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The Department of Periodontology, Stomatology Hospital of Lanzhou University, is a specialized department integrating three functions of Periodontology care, education, and research. Department provide the standardized and systematic treatment for patients with periodontal disease all the time, with the modern cutting-edge treatment equipment and surgical instruments among the country.Our central mission is to cure the various periodontal diseases with the main manifestation of gingival bleeding, gingival redness, gingival retraction, tooth loosening and halitosis.For patients with severe and complicated periodontitis, a multidisciplinary treatment where periodontology predominate is offered to them, achieving satisfied effect, retaining the natural teeth for thousands of patients and greatly improve the quality of their life. At the same time, Department also assumed the residency , undergraduate and postgraduate clinical training mission. The director of the department serves as a member of the Periodontology Professional Committee of Chinese Stomatology Association.

Professional Features:

1. Standardized periodontal basic care: including oral hygiene guidance, scaling and root planning;

2.Fixation of loosened teeth;

3. Periodontal surgery: including gingivectomy, Crown lengthening, periodontal flap surgery, periodontal bone grafting, gingival tumor resection, guided periodontal tissue regeneration, root amputation, root separation, tooth hemisection, etc.

4. Combined periodonto-endodontic therapy;

5. Combination of periodontal restoration and orthodontic treatment: maintenance of implants, treatment of implantitis, orthodontic periodontal maintenance;

6. Microscopic periodontal surgery, minimally invasive periodontal treatment, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty with laser and electric knife.

All the medical personnel of the Department have being adhering to the principles of “Original source protected, Dental health maintained, striving for the top-ranked and sincerely cooperation”, consummating the treatment of periodontal disease, controlling the occurrence and development of periodontitis effectively, and to provide more reliable, safe, high-quality dental care for professional patients.