Department of Cariology and Endodontology

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General Introduction

Department of Cariology and Endodontology is the major discipline of Lanzhou University School of Stomatology. It has been in the forefront in training and promoting the clinical, basic research and dissemination of medical-related issues in dentistry of west China.

Department of Cariology and Endodontology provides patients with a high quality of dental service . The department currently consists 10 members including 5 clinical associate professors, 3 of them had oversea education experiences and 3 doctors hold Ph.D. degree. They all professionally-trained doctors in diagnosis and treatment of caries, dental pulp disease, periapical diseases, and other common dental diseases.

Clinical Service

Diagnosis and treatment of common oral disease: caries, pulp disease, periapical diseases , noncarious hard tissue lesions of the teeth(dental traumatology,wedge-shaped defect,tetracycline pigmentation teeth,dental fluorosis),etc.

Treatment technique: micro-endodontic treatment, microscopic periapical surgery, nickel-titanium instruments for root canal preparation and warm gutta-percha condensation filling technique, dental pulp revascularization treatment, CAD/CAM inlay/onlay on the restoration of dental defects.


The clinic is equipped with 11 dental units with advanced operative dentistry and endodontics, such as: Zeiss Surgical Microscope (Germany),VDW hot gutta-percha Filling Instrument (Germany),BeeFill® 2in1 warm vertical compaction system(Germany), The Suprasson P5 Newtron®(French),SybronEndo pulp vitality tester,Electronic apex locator , etc.

After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts by medical staffs, Department of Cariology and Endodontology is well equipped and a lot of professional dentists here. We are all committed to maintaining professional and ethical standards, using contemporary and advanced technology, providing high quality dental cares that are specific and appropriate to the needs of each individual patient, for our goal is to seek dental health for people.