School of Stomatology Exchanges at University of Leeds

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In September 2018, in order to promote the exchanges and cooperation between our school and the University of Leeds, School of Stomatology, LanZhou University and University of Leeds, signed a memorandum of cooperation. From January 24th to February 7th, 2019, Professor Wang Jing, Associate Dean of School of Stomatology, Associate Professor Zhao Yuan and four students went to the UK for a two-week exchange. Prof. Yang Xuebin, deputy director of the Department of Medicine and Health of the University of Leeds, carefully arranged lab learning and pre-clinical training. In the process of clinical study, teachers and students have observed the clinical treatment of various departments, and have in-depth understandings of the British dental education system.

Professor Yang Xuebin from University of Leeds warmly met with the teachers and students

Teacher George was guiding the students to prepare the full crown

Teacher Jackie Huston demonstrate CLSM to classmates

Through the two-week study, students walked through the campus of University of Leeds, which is full of unique British architectural styles. They experienced the humanistic feelings of the British campus and learned the similarities and differences in lab and clinic between China and the UK. During the exchange, Associate Dean Wang Jing and Teacher Zhao Yuan met with the Dean of the School of Dentistry. The two sides conducted exchanges and discussions on issues about inter-institutional exchanges and cooperation, and sought future possibility in teacher training, postgraduate exchange, and research cooperation. Extensive and active cooperation has laid a solid foundation for the next exchange between the two universities.