Undergraduate Student Cao Qian won the third prize in the Second National Dental College Clinical Operation Skills Competition

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From November 10th to 13th , the “2018 Chinese Stomatology Education Academic Annual Meeting”, hosted by School of Stomatology Wuhan University, was held in Wuhan, Hubei province. Many renowned experts and colleagues were invited to this gathering. The conference focused on the aspects of developing creative thinking in the undergraduate education, enhancing and supervising educational quality of undergraduate specific subjects. Ding Shaochun(Deputy Secretary of School of Stomatology), Wang Jing( Deputy Dean of School of Stomatology) and other 7 people attended the meeting.

In the "Second National Dental School Clinical Operation Skills Competition" , Song Jinge, Song Fuxiang, teachers from our school, and Yang Xiangjun, Cao Qian, undergraduates in 2014 participated in the event, competing with the candidates from all over the country. Teachers and students compete on the same field. A total of 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes were set up in the competition. In the end, our school student Cao Qian won the third prize of the competition.

In the student work ideological and political forum, Wang Mengyao, a counselor of our school, on behalf of the College, gave a report entitled “Small Workers in Action-Langzhou University School of Stomatology Volunteer Service”, and introduced the students’ participation, major achievements and experience summaries in social practice, which was highly appraised by other institutions.

By participating in this event, we have demonstrated the comprehensive quality of our teachers and students. At the same time, we actively exchanged and learned the advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge in the international field, which further enhanced the influence of our school.