Sharing about the Exchange Program in School of Stomatology, University of Leeds

Date: 2019-03-20 Clicks: ...

A meeting about sharing the experiences of the exchange program in School of Dentistry, University of Leeds, UK was successfully held on March 18, 2019 at Tianshan Hall in Yuzhong Campus. All freshman year undergraduate students attended the meeting. Shaochun Ding, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, School of Stomatology, Lanzhou University, presided over this meeting.

 Danle Lin and Liheng Shen made a review and shared their experiences about the exchange program at University of Leeds at the meeting. Firstly, the condition of the laboratory and the dental clinic in University of Leeds were introduced and advantages of studying in both countries were demonstrated. And then, Danle Lin gave advices on applications for overseas exchange program, such as language requirement, professional knowledge and scientific research. At the end of the meeting, Liheng Shen listed  all possibilities of employment of a stomatological student. The future trend of each possibility was deep analyzed and increasingly competitive employment reminded the freshman year undergraduates of the importance of learning hard in their professions and improving their career plans.

This meeting was a chance for the freshman year undergraduates to have a basic understanding of the purpose and significance of overseas exchange programs, clarify their future plan of career as well as be more interested in the foreign culture. The aim of meeting were not only to sharing experiences, but, more importantly, also to strengthen the communication and connection between different grades. With the help of senior students, the junior will have more enthusiasm in developing comprehensive skill.