Professor Ren Yanfang, Eastman Dental Institute, University of Rochester and Pan Jie, Chief physician of Peking University Hospital of Stomatology, visited Lanzhou for the exchange of our School

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On December 10th, Oral Academic Lecture under the Belt and Road Initiative was successfully held at the academic Center, Room 639 of the experimental building in the Eastern Campus of Chenguan District to welcome the 110th anniversary of the founding of Lanzhou University. The lecture was presided over by Professor Liu Bin, dean of School of Stomatology, LZU. Professor Ren Yanfang, Vice Director of the General Department in Eastman Dental Institute, University of Rochester, the United States and Dean of the School of Stomatology, Henan University, and Panjie, Chief Physician of the General Department in Peking University Hospital of Stomatology were invited to make reports relatively entitled "The clinical competence of oral doctors" and" How to make oral treatment plans for the patients" for the teachers and students of our School.

In his presentation, Professor Ren Yanfang briefly introduced Eastman Dental Institute of University of Rochester and the School of Stomatology of Henan University, and illustrated the current cultivation objectives, medical education models and competence-oriented medical education for oral doctors. He believes that the core competence of dentists should include critical thinking, professional literacy, communication and interpersonal relationships, health promotion, information and practice management, and clinical services (medical knowledge and skills).

Pan Jie’s presentation began with three questions: What is the cause of the patient's current oral condition? How to solve the existing problems in the oral cavity effective? How to ensure the long-term stability of the oral health after the treatment? By this way, she led out the concept of putting disease prevention and control first at the overall diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. In the light of the actual cases, she explained why the dentist need a comprehensive view in all aspects, and put forward the existing problems of the excessively-divided subfamilies of oral diseases, and also shared the experience of how to make a good oral treatment plan.

Subsequently, the teachers and students of our School exchanged their ideas with the two experts. In particular, teacher Zhao Zhongfang further discussed with them the differences of medical training modes between China and the United States, whether the program training and degree in the United States can be obtained at the same time, and how to cultivate graduate students with scientific research. The experts’ statement was clear and logic with step-by-step explanation and demonstration, which greatly benefited the teachers and students of our School, especially in terms of the experience of medical education, clinical thinking and doctor-patient docking, and which will be helpful to guide the all-round growth of teachers and students of our School.