School of Stomatology, LZU, builds a virtual simulation laboratory at a primary stage

Date: 2019-03-11 Clicks: ...

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of National Conference on Education, adhere to the principle of “undergraduate education first and four focuses”*, speed up the construction of high-level undergraduate education, and comprehensively enhance the ability to cultivate undergraduate talents, School of Stomatology, with the strong support of Lanzhou University, managed to build a virtual simulation laboratory at a primary stage.

The principle of “undergraduate education first and four focuses” is to put undergraduate education first in the development of higher education and focus on students to make real academic achievements, focus on teachers to shoulder their duties to cultivate talents, focus on the right political direction and focus on education to rejuvenate the Chinese nation.

On the afternoon of March 7, the main R & D personnel working on oral digital simulation training system of the State key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems of Beihang University went to School of Stomatology in Lanzhou University to share their experiences of utilizing the "Digital Virtual Simulation Oral Teaching Simulator" in teaching practices. The relevant teachers of our School have studied and experienced the online reservation system and virtual simulation teaching system of oral surgery simulator, and have operated them in practice. The system mainly aims to assist training in periodontology and dental implant, and can complement each other in teaching with the existing simulation head model of the college. And the advanced digital teaching equipment is helpful to improve students' interest and learning efficiency, and to assist students in mastering clinical operation theories and skills.

At the same time, the technicians of Tellyes Scientific Co.Ltd of Tianjin City also told our faculty members about how to utilize the Virtual Simulation training system of Oral Local Anesthesi. The system can simulate the key operation steps of all kinds of local anesthesia of oral cavity by its simulation head and virtual sensor, realize model reconstruction, facilitate 3D dynamic teaching, highly simulate the real scenes in clinical practice by combining virtual views and lifelike models both in its texture and tactility, so the trained can actually experience the position and direction for injection, control injection volume of anesthetic and operate key pumping steps in oral local anesthesia. The system can be used repetitively, providing different training modes including training and assessment for students. Our teachers actively participated in the experience and proposed to use this system in the practical operation examination for oral practitioners.

The introduction of "Oral Digital Simulation training system" and "Oral Local Anesthesia Virtual Simulation training system" marks the preliminary establishment of the Virtual Simulation Laboratory of our School. It also further accelerates the process to develop stomatology of LZU into a first-class subject.