The Preparatory Meeting for the Stomatology Branch of the Sichuan Alumni Association of Lanzhou University Takes Place

Date: 2019-05-08 Clicks: ...

On April 26th, the preparatory meeting for the StomatologyBranch of the Sichuan Alumni Association of Lanzhou University was held in Chengdu. More than 30 stomatological alumni from all over Sichuan Province gathered to discuss the friendship of the alumni. Professor Liu Bin, Dean of School/Hospital of Stomatology, Professor Kang Hong and Associate Professor Zhang Kailiang attended the meeting.

The meeting was first delivered by Dean Liu Bin. He addressed the development situation of the school/hospital in recent years, the achievements we have achieved and the opportunities and challenges we will be faced.While expressing his heartfelt congratulations on the achievements of the alumni, Professor Liu also encouraged everyone to actively participate in the activities of the alumni association, and play a full role as a bond, and tell the story of Lanzhou University and school of stomatology to achieve mutual benefits and win-win result.

The main purpose of the preparatory meeting was to discuss the significance of the establishment of Stomatology Branch of Sichuan Alumni Association, the formulation of the basic charter, the determination of the responsible person, and the establishment of communication channels, etc. The atmosphere was extremely warm. The alumni actively participated in and talked freely.They all said that they would do their best to build this fellowship and communication platform well in Sichuan, and further strengthen the contact and interaction between the alma mater and school. By taking advantage of the alumni association in Sichuan, they hope that the individual development could be facilitated and better suggestions can be provided for the development of the school and the alma mater.

We believe that Stomatology Branch of the Sichuan Alumni Association will have a brilliant future, and it will surely become the link between the dental students of Lanzhou University and their alma mater, while make a contribution for the development of the alma mater.