Hospital of Stomatology, Lanzhou University was successfully awarded as one of the director members of the Oral General Practice Union led by Shanghai Ninth people's Hospital

Date: 2019-05-16 Clicks: ...

On May 10th, the inaugural meeting of Oral General Practice Union led by Shanghai Ninth people's Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine was held in Shanghai. The Union, led by the Oral General Department of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, has set up the first national general medical union on stomatology in the whole country with nearly 45 Grade 3A medical institutions in China.

At the meeting, Hospital of Stomatology, Lanzhou University was successfully awarded as one of the director members of the Union. At the same time, Li Zhige, a chief physician, vice dean of our Hospital, was elected as a Committee member of the Union, which will provide our Hospital with multiple cooperation projects in terms of clinical diagnosis and treatment, personnel training, medical research, general practice co-construction and technical reference for further development of our General Department, and realize the up-and-down provision of medical resources and improve the overall efficiency of the medical services.

The General Department of Hospital of Stomatology, LZU, established in 2018, is currently at the stage of gradual construction and improvement. At present, the staff here all have master's degree or above including two with advanced job titles and some with overseas research experience. The department has undertaken a number of national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and published plenty of high-level academic papers on stomatology in the core journals and magazines at home and abroad. In addition, it also undertakes some clinical practice teaching tasks, which greatly promotes the clinical practice of the department.

The General Department focuses on the concept of integrating all specialties and carries out comprehensive diagnosis and treatment on common and frequently-occurring oral diseases, including sequential treatment of caries, pulpitis, periapical and periodontal diseases, dental trauma, alveolar surgery, fixation and restoration of movable and implant dentures and so on, thus realizing the “one-stop” diagnosis and treatment services on common diseases across all specialties.