Hospital of Stomatology,lanzhou University Achieved Good Result in Special Evaluation of Medical Degree

Date: 2019-05-16 Clicks: ...

The national review meeting on special evaluation work of medical degree authorized units and the training meeting for improving medical education quality, sponsored by the National Steering Committee of Medical Graduate Education, was held in Beijing on May 10. Chen Xinyu, deputy Director of Department of Science and Education, National Health Commission, the People’s Republic of China, Professor Ke Yang, vice chairman of the Teaching Guiding Committee on medical education of Department of Higher Education, Ministry of education, PRC, and other committee members have gathered more than 500 graduate education and management staff from 155 colleges and universities across the country to attend this meeting. As for Lanzhou University, Hao Guichang, a teacher of Graduate School, Liubin, dean of School of Stomatology, and Professor Ren Liling, Director of the Medical Standard Training Base attended this meeting.

The meeting systematically summarized the special evaluation work of 2018 medical degree authorized units, focusing on finding problems, aiming at improving the mechanism to ensure the quality of medical degree and graduate education, so as to make continuous improvement in cultivating qualified medical graduates. Among the 12 degree authorized unites for the special evaluation of master's degree in stomatology in 2018, School of Stomatology, LZU only lagged behind Chinese PLA General Hospital, ranking second, and was appraised as an excellent degree authorized unit.

At the meeting, Liu Bin was invited by the Teaching Guiding Committee to make a report entitled "stick to the struggle and build a Dream forward", sharing the experience of the degree authorized unit of stomatology in Lanzhou University working on the special evaluation. He said that it is a systematic project and extended his sincere gratitude to the correct guidance of the school leaders and the strong support of various departments. In past two years, School of Stomatology has passed the evaluation of Grade 3A specialized hospital, the school evaluation as an academic degree authorized unit in stomatology and the undergraduate certification in stomatology. Our School did well in many fields including talent cultivation, teaching staff construction, platform construction and academic exchanges both at home and abroad, thus being widely praised by experts and participants of the meeting.

The meeting has presented a new look of graduate education training and management in our School while summarizing the past experiences and looking forward to the future, thus greatly publicizing the good image of Lanzhou University.