Department of General Dentistry

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The Department of General Dentistry School/Hospital of stomatology Lanzhou University was established in 2018. It is in the process of gradual improvement. The department currently has 2 deputy chief physicians and 2 resident doctors, all of which have master's degree or above, and some doctors have overseas research experience. The department has undertaken a number of national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and published a number of high-level academic papers in the core journals and magazines at home and abroad. In addition, the department also undertakes some clinical practice teaching tasks, which greatly promotes the clinical practice level of the department.

"one-stop"  diagnosis and treatment

The comprehensive oral clinic focuses on the concept of oral general medicine, mainly carrying out the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of common oral diseases, including dental caries treatment, pulp disease and periapical disease treatment, periodontal disease treatment, tooth trauma sequence treatment, alveolar surgery, fixed and movable denture repair, implantation denture repair and so on, to carry on the cross-specialty diagnosis and treatment service to the oral common disease.

24 hours oral emergency

At the same time, the Department of General Dentistry also undertakes the task of oral emergency. The department provides comprehensive oral emergency service 24 hours a day, mainly for toothache, infection, bleeding, TMJ dislocation, tooth trauma and so on.