Prof. Yue Lin and Associate Professor Pan Jie from Peking University came to our school for academic lectures.

Date: 2019-08-09 Clicks: ...

In order to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Lanzhou University, hold the open dental section of the “One Belt, One Road” Oral Academic Lecture, we would like to further improve and promote the oral medical level in Northwest China, and standardize the clinical vision and comprehensive skills of our faculty and students. On July 26th, at the 639 academic center of the experimental building in the East District of Chengguan Campus, where was successfully held it. This lecture invited Prof. Yue Lin and Associate Professor Pan Jie from Peking University. The experts gave two academic researches on "Clinical Problems and Countermeasures of Direct Adhesive Repair of Composite Resin Filling" and "Clinical Application of Microscopic Apical Surgery" lecture.


The activity was hosted by Professor Wang Jing, the vice dean of the college, she firstly expressed her gratitude and welcome to the invited guests. Subsequently, the two experts who participated in the lecture gave the lectures and exchanged ideas with the teachers and students and doctors from other clinics. From the theoretical and clinical application of composite resin bonding and microscopical apical surgery, to the challenges in practical operation, and the display of several typical cases, the two experts are clearly in logic, they explained this lectures in detail, which made the participants very impressive and benefited. After the lecture, the two experts actively interacted with the teachers, students and attendants.

The professor's solid academic foundation and the enterprising spirit are striving for the students. After the lecture, Vice President Li Zhige and Vice President Wang Jing issued a certificate of appreciation to the two professors. They thanked the two professors for their support and assistance in the standardization of oral dental endodontic treatment in the West.

This lecture provided a high-level academic exchange platform for teachers and students, effectively promoted the resource sharing, and also played a positive role in promoting oral medical care in the Northwest.