Associate professor Pan Jie from Peking University came to our hospital for exchange and guidance

Date: 2019-08-12 Clicks: ...

From July 29th to August 11th, the “Western walk” expert of the Chinese stomatology association, associate professor Pan Jie of Peking University Stomatological Hospital visited our endodontic department of Lanzhou University for a half-month volunteer activity. Professor Pan Jie actively participated in the daily diagnosis and treatment of the department, and help to consult many patients with dental and endodontic diseases, guide and solve many difficult diseases.

On the August 1st and 2nd, Associate Professor Pan Jie and nurse Ma Qin performed two case of “Microscopic Apical Surgery” and demonstrated these operation by live video. Professor Pan Jie and nurse Ma Qin explained and performed every steps of the operation, from pre-operative preparation, intraoperative operation to post-operative medical advice, each step was explained

in detail. The medical staff and students in the department learned from the apical surgery and clinical four hands coordination. The attending medical staff responded benefited a lot.

During the volunteer period, Associate professor Pan Jie gave many lectures about endodontics disease. The lectures coverd from the operation of the root canal treatment, the composite filling of the posterior teeth, the whitening of the teeth, and the education of the regulation. From the indications, treatment steps, instrument selection and operation methods of the common diagnosis and treatment of dental endodontics disease detail by detail. In the subsequent questioning session, Associate Professor Pan Jie gave a patience and meticulous answer to the questions raised by the teachers and students.

With the selfless help of Professor Pan Jie, the daily treatment level of dental pulp disease in our hospital has been improved and standardized.