The School of Stomatology Carried out Family Visit Work “Reaching out to Families and Being Concerned about Students” in the Summer Vacation of 2019

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From 20th August to 22nd August, in order to further improve the quality of ideological and political work to college students, promote the reform and innovation of  ideological and political work to college students, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of ideological and political work to college students and make solid progress in pushing forward the “Three Walk-Intos” work plan, Wang Mengyao,a full-time counselor of our academy, carried out family visit work in the summer vacation of 2019 “Reaching out to Families and Being Concerned about Students”, by visiting impoverished students and new students of Class 2019.

To make this home visit more targeted, the student work group attached great importance to it. We summarized the experience of home visit over the years, made a work plan, in advance, and a detailed organization for the person, time, content and expected goal of the home visit, so as to ensure a successful and effective home visit. Finally, according to the family background of the students, we visited Li Zhihui,  a student from the class of 2017 with financial difficulties, and Wang Hongyu, a freshman from the class of 2019.

In this home visit, Wang Mengyao made close conversations with the parents of Li Zhihui, knew detailed situation of her family, introduced her overall performance in school and school financial aid policy to her parents, discussed the future plan and career development direction of her, by referring to the situations of further education, employment and entrepreneurship of previous graduates of our academy, and provided suggestions in terms of academic study, employment and physical and psychological health. Also, she encouraged impoverished students to be confident and forge ahead to make greater progress with determination and perseverance.

Wang Mengyao introduced to Wang Hongyu’s parents the state financial aid policy, school financial aid policy, as well as the accommodation, study and living environment of LZU, so as to ease their concerns. Also, she gave a brief introduction of the advantage of stomatology, competitiveness in job hunting and prospect of development to them, so that they could plan ahead.

The interviewed students all said that they would keep in mind the teachers’ instruction, be active and enterprising and study hard to repay the school and society. Parents of these students extended their sincere thanks to our school for our concerns and supports. They said that they would encourage and urge their children to study more diligently and actively communicate with the school.

This home visit built a family-school bridge for the academy to reach out to, get to know and serve the students, which will contribute to the family-school joint force, further enrich the content and form of “Three Walk-Intos”work and promote the implementation of it.