Song Xue, an undergraduate of School of Stomatology, LZU won the Honorary Award of “Excellent Star” for the Display of Clinical Operation Skills held by the Stomatological Education Committee of the Chinese Stomatologica

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Sponsored by the Stomatological Education Committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association and hosted by the School of Stomatology of Peking University, the 15th Annual Academic Meeting of the Stomatological Education Committee was successfully held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from August 28 to 30. Song Xue, an undergraduate of Grade 2015, School of Stomatology, LZU, won the title of "Excellent Star" in the competition of displaying clinical operation skills of undergraduates during the meeting.

Guo Chuanqi, Dean of School of Stomatology, Peking University(Left) and Song Xue(Right)

The competition was participated by 56 undergraduates from colleges and universities across the country. The display included porcelain crown preparation of right upper anterior teeth, incision and suture of alveolar mucosa, and preparation of ClassⅡcavity mesial hole of left lower first molars. In order to prepare for this skill show, Dong Hexi, Zhou Ping, Zhu Jingli, Ding Lily and other teachers gave Song Xue special tutoring courses in respond to different operation items. Despite the difficulties of maintaining daily clinical practice, she achieved the heavy extra training tasks in limited time and went to Suzhou in advance of the contest for further training and finally made remarkable achievements.

All the judges and participants of the competition

By participating in this activity, the enthusiasm of students in our school has been fully mobilized, and the excellent comprehensive ability of our undergraduate students has also been shown. At the same time, the communication between our school and other oral colleges and universities in China has been strengthened, and the influence of our college has been further enhanced.