Welcoming events to the Class 2019 Undergraduate Students of the School of Stomatology, Lanzhou University, Came to a Successful Conclusion.

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From September 2 to 4, to make ideological and political education to students more approachable, more well-directed and more effective, improve the quality of talent cultivation, promote students’ development and help the freshmen quickly adapt to campus life, the School of Stomatology,launched a series of welcoming activities.

On September 2 and 3, Zhou Lizhen, party secretary of the academy,Ding Shaochun, deputy party secretary of the academy, associate professor Gou Yaping, head teacher of Class 2019,Wang Mengyao, full-time counselor of Class 2019, Li Ruiping, part-time counselor of Class 2019, and Cui Ziwei and Wang Errui, head teacher of Class 2019 supervised the welcoming works. In the process of welcoming the freshmen, with tacit cooperation and good order,the volunteers, wearing uniforms, enthusiastically helped the new students with their registration, luggage and moving in, and answered every question about their study and life in Lanzhou University with patience. Also, we set up a 3-minute Safety Lesson to remind the freshmen and their parents to  pay attention to personal and property safety.

In this year, our welcoming works were creative. The academy made a “Moments” group photo board to record the significant moments when freshmen entered Lanzhou University and wearing a doctor's uniform for the first time. A dream time book was set up for students to write a letter to themselves, who are at five years later in the future, to express their best wishes and aspirations for the future.At 2:00 P.M., September 3rd, all the freshmen of Class 2019 in our academy completed their registration.

On September 2nd, to further enhance the communication between parent and school and improve the teaching ability, the academy held a meeting with the freshmen’s parents and visited their dormitories. All leaders from the Party and administration of the academy participated in this meeting. Teachers had in-depth discussion with the parents and made brief introductions to the basic information of the academy and the the students’ future development.

On the afternoon of September 3rd, the academy held a meeting with the freshmen  to introduce the academy's rules and regulations and daily management in detail.

On the morning of September 4th, the academy held the Welcoming Ceremony and School Opening Ceremony. Zhou Lizhen, party secretary of the academy, Liu Bin, dean of the academy, Ding Shaochun, deputy party secretary of the academy, Li Zhige and Fu Yaxi, vice dean of the academy, professor Ren Liling, associate professor Zhang Kailiang, association professor Tang Rongbing, head teach Gou Yaping, teaching Secretary Hou Mingfang, full-time counselor Wang Mengyao and part-time counselor Li Ruiping attended this opening ceremony.

On the opening ceremony, associate professor Tang Rongbing shared his learning experience during his college life with us and warned the students to set a goal and live a wonderful and fulling college life. Li Zhixin, from Class 2016, and Peng Fei, from Class 2019 delivered their speeches as representatives of senior students and freshmen respectively. Hou Mingfang, the teaching secretary, briefly introduced the talent cultivating program and teaching arrangement to the students. Leaders and teachers attending the meeting presented the letter of appointment to all head teachers of Class 2019.

Dean Liu Bin extended his warm welcome to the Class 2019 and delivered “The First Lesson of the New Semester”, under the theme of “ Stay true to the original mission and embrace a splendid future.”. He introduced the academy’s condition in detail from learning method, employment prospect, condition of academy operation and faculty resources and encouraged the freshmen to diligently learn professional knowledge and actively participate in academic and cultural activities and sports in and out of class with correct attitude and firm confidence, so that they can broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge and achieve a sound development in the next 5 years of college life. In the end, all participants solemnly swore that they would make unremitting efforts to become an excellent oral doctor.

After the ceremony, the teachers went to the dormitories to communicate with the students, get to know the basic situation of the freshmen in detail, and put forward suggestions and guidance to the freshmen from aspects of study and life, so that the freshmen could adapt to the college life faster and better.

 Class 2019 injects vitality to the academy. The host of welcoming work, parents meeting and school opening ceremony not only enhanced the communication between teachers and students, but also deepened the new students' understanding of the school and the college and strengthened the students' sense of identity and honor of the Alma Mater, which would help to effectively promote the quality of talent training in the academy. Later, the academy will take a series of measures to further promote the “Three Walk-Intos” work, form a long-term teacher-student communication mechanism, to promote students to achieve sound developments.