The Nursing Group of Hospital of Stomatology, LZU has delivered a good performance in the Display of Nursing Skills held by the Stomatological Education Committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association

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In order to improve the professional skills of oral nursing staff and promote the standardization of cooperation in denture implantation and nursing, Oral Nursing Professional Committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association held a National Oral Nursing Skills Display  activity in Shanghai on August 30, 2019. Yu Guangyan, Chairman of the Chinese Stomatology Association, has came to the site to supervise and guide the activity, and Professor Yue Lin, Secretary General of the Association has delivered an opening speech to extend his congratulations, which fully reflected the great importance they attached to this Display. The theme is Cooperation in Dental Implant Surgery. Besides the nursing group of our Hospital, there were more than 60 teams from dental hospitals, department of stomatology in general hospitals and private oral institutions all over China engaging in this match. Wang Xuemei, Director of the Nursing Department of our Hospital, was invited to serve as an expert judge for the event.

According to the requirements claimed by the new progress of oral implantation and repair treatment, the nursing team of our Hospital observed the cooperation mode of four-hand operation. Dr.Zhang Baoping, Instrument Nurse Yu Tingting and Circulating Nurse Yan Hua made up the operation team. Strictly abiding by the principle of aseptic operation and infection control, they took preventive actions according to the standards for medical staff and extended their humanistic care to their patients in the whole process with skillful operation and tacit cooperation and paid special attention to their occupational precaution and patients’safety.

The Association required no awards for this activity, but the participants from our Department still actively prepared for this nation-wide profession evaluation with serious attitude and completed the display with smooth operation, distinguishing the demeanor of the oral nursing staff of Lanzhou University, which was well praised by the expert judges.

Preparation before the display