Professor Wang Jing of our Hospital was invited to participate in the FDI Conference

Date: 2019-09-18 Clicks: ...

The annual Conference of the World Dental Federation(FDI) was held in San Francisco from September 4 to 8, 2019. Professor Wang Jing of our Hospital was invited to attend the meeting and made a report entitled "Liraglutide Regulates Bone Destruction and Exhibits Anti-inflammatory Effects in Periodontitis In vitro and In vivo".

Jointly held by FDI and the American Dental Association(ADA), the conference is one of the world’s largest and most influential international events in dentistry. It not only represents the latest progress and direction of the world's dentistry in academic terms, but also provides the dentists around the world with an opportunity to learn and communicate with each other. It is also the platform for the global dental appliance manufacturers to display the latest technologies and research results. FDI has been joined by members of dental associations of nearly 140 countries and regions, representing more than 1 million dentists worldwide. 

A number of academic activities, seminars and forums were held during the conference including scientific research, clinical progress exchanges, oral health development and propaganda projects, dental education and so on. There were plenty of the world's advanced materials, devices and equipment exhibited, providing a feast for the world's dentists. Through this meeting, we are not only timely informed of the latest breakthroughs of dental discipline development with a broadened international vision, but also expand the international impact of the dental discipline of Lanzhou University.