Professor Chen Zhi from hospital of stomatology Wuhan university came to our school to give a academic lecture

Date: 2019-09-27 Clicks: ...

On September 24, our school invited professor Chen Zhi from school of stomatology Wuhan university to exchange views with us. Professor Chen Zhi is a endodontist , doctoral supervisor of school of stomatology Wuhan university.And he also is a Wuhan university luojia outstanding scholar, international and domestic well-known expert.First of all, professor Chen Zhi visited the teaching experiment and research laboratory of the school. Professor Liu Bin, made a brief introduction of the development of the school, and professor Chen Zhi gave a high evaluation on the development of the school.

Then, professor Chen Zhi gave an academic report "caries treatment plan based on caries risk assessment" to our teachers and students. The lecture was presided over by professor Wang Jing, who first expressed her gratitude and welcome to professor Chen Zhi.Afterwards, professor Chen Zhi shared and communicated with the teachers and students attending the conference. From the new concept, classification and diagnosis of caries, caries management and treatment plan, he put forward his own view “Cure sometimes,Treat often,Manage always!” .Professor Chen Zhi explained the latest research progress of caries in details with clear logic, sufficient theory and rigorous wit, and emphasized the importance of risk assessment of caries, which impressed and benefited the students present.

After the meeting, Professor Wang Jing thanked professor Chen Zhi for coming once again.This lecture provides a high-level academic exchange platform for teachers and students, effectively promotes resource sharing, and plays a positive role in promoting the level of oral medical training in northwest China.