School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University Carried Out The Educational Activities With The Serial Topics “Remain True To Our Original Aspiration And Keep Our Mission Firmly In Mind.”

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On the afternoon of October 17th, the party committee of School of Stomatology Lanzhou University held a report on the guidance of party constitution and rules, organized party members to visit the school history museum for practical education and the sixth group study and discussion.

Wang yantao, associate professor of school of marxism, was invited to give guidance on the theme of “building up awareness of party constitution and consolidating political belief”. The leading group of School of Stomatology Lanzhou University, all party members, key training objects and activities participated in special counseling. Wang yantao, an associate professor, cited a large amount of historical and documentary materials and, starting from the connotation of the party constitution, made a detailed interpretation of the party constitution from five aspects, including its overview, general program, articles, “all strategic arrangements are ultimately people-centered" and "building up awareness of the party constitution and consolidating political beliefs". He strengthened party spirit accomplishment further with the party members that attend the meeting through passing the inheritance innovation course. Everybody expressed in succession, that they must remember the tenet, take the lead to work hard, give full play to the vanguard exemplary role of communist party member and base oneself on a post to make more contribution.

After the meeting the School of Stomatology Lanzhou University party branch organized party members to visit the school history museum. Under the interpretation of the narrator, pieces of precious historical materials and elegantly vivid video images guided them to appreciate the struggling history of one hundred years’ vicissitudes of life again, to deeply feel the predecessors’ entrepreneurial hardships and the selfless dedication made for school education career, to understand the development of Lanzhou university , and to constantly motivate themself not to forget the beginner's mind, to keep in mind that the mission, forge ahead self-motivated, contributing to the development of college/hospital an own strength.

Later, the leading group of the school and the members of the party committee held the sixth thematic study seminar of " never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" in room 945 of the new medical building and invited the members of the first group of the school’s thematic education to attend the meeting for guidance. The conference focused on the topic of “responsibility and achievement", and the vice-president Li zhige conducted a word-for-word study on "Carrying Forward The Spirit Of The Great Long March And Making Today's Long March A Success and "Having A New Look And Make New Achievements In The New Era”. Participants conducted a wide range of in-depth discussion and exchange combined with the key difficult work of the current school’s and hospital’s development on the basis of the original text. Zhou lizhen, secretary of the party committee of the school, further emphasized the specific requirements of the school party committee on the promotion of thematic education, pointing out that the leading cadres of the school should take on the historical responsibility of “time is not waiting for us, only seize the day and seize the night, and rise to the tide bravely", strive to reform and innovate, overcome difficulties and constantly promote the development of the college and the hospital.