The school of stomatology successfully held the 2019 oral health post skills competition in Gansu province

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In order to further stimulate the oral technical staff’s working enthusiasm, standardize oral operational procedures, speed up the training of specialists in the field of skilled oral team, promote the development of the career of stomatology, October 11, sponsored by the health commission of Gansu province, the school of stomatology Lanzhou university to undertake the oral health industry in Gansu province in 2019 jobs skills contest. The competition attracted a total of 81 members from 27 representative teams in the province to participate in it.

At 8 a.m., a brief opening ceremony was held. Wang xiaoming, deputy director of the health commission of Gansu province, Zheng yumei, director of the ministry of personnel, all the members of the leading group of our hospital, all the judges of the contest and all the participants attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhou lizhen, party secretary of the school. Liu bin, President of our school, delivered the welcome speech. Wang xiaoming, deputy director of health commission of Gansu province, delivered a speech and declared the opening of the skills competition. Wang xiaoming pointed out: "with the proposal of Xi jinping's healthy China strategy and the continuous development and progress of the society, skilled medical talents with strong practical ability are increasingly welcomed by the society and the demand is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is imperative to build a team of innovative medical talents with reasonable structure, excellent quality, strong strength, high quality and full skills. We hope that all the contestants and judges will work in a responsible and meticulous manner to ensure the well-off running of the competition."

The contest was divided into two parts: skill operation and theoretical examination. The practical operation ability and basic theoretical knowledge of the contestants are roundly investigated. In the competition, the players were greatly calm, skilled, scrupulous carving, and fully showed the high professionalism and good medical literacy of oral practitioners. In the end, 8 contestants won the individual first prize , and 3 teams won the group first prize.

This competition used tablet computer to score for the first time, and provide the maximum degree of scene simulation and immersive diagnosis and treatment atmosphere. At the same time, the contestants and judges unanimously praised the mechanism, and the activity received the industry attention.

Xu hailin, vice minister of education and teaching department of the medical college, attended the closing ceremony. At the award ceremony, the judges made detailed comments on the performance of the contestants, carefully explained the key points of operation, pointed out the shortcomings, and gave high evaluation and encouragement to the overall performance of the contestants. Dean liu bin read out the list of winners,and the judges and leaders presented certificates to the winners.

The skill contest provided a stage for everyone to exchange skills and showed their level, aroused the enthusiasm of stomatology workers to learn and work, and achieved the purpose of promoting medicine and teaching through competition.