Experts from the school of medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University, Malaysia visited the school of stomatology for academic exchange

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From 7 to 9 January, the school of Stomatology invited Professor Learn-Han Lee and Ser Hooi Leng postdoctoral researcher from the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University, Malaysia, for academic exchange, bringing a series of wonderful lectures for our academic staff and students. The event was chaired by Professor Wang Jing, Deputy Dean of the faculty.

Professor Learn-Han Lee gave lectures on "Microbiome and Bioresource Research Strength: Current and Future Work" and "Discovery of anti-MRSA protein from mangrove derived Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 135". He focused on area-microbiology. The relationship between human health and the research results obtained, as well as the actinomycetes that found in the soil of mangrove areas, screened out a series of particular bacteria with antibacterial and anticancer effects and further affected genes of the bacteria functions. The research has provided research ideas and directions for medical transformation. Through further research on the functional genes of the bacteria, scientific research ideas and directions were provided for medical transformation. This series of research has been published in many peer-review magazines and widely praised by industrial companies.

Subsequently, Dr. Lee introduced the basic situation of Monash University, the application conditions, and it's Kahoot interactive teaching model, invited the audience to explore the teaching platform and experience of Monash University's teaching model. Also, put forward many valuable suggestions to students, hoping every student can help his/her scientific research by trying to write a review.

Dr. Hooi-Leng Ser started with his education and scientific research experience and told everyone the story of how to continuously try and challenge himself to overcome the obstacles. Dr. Ser gave lectures entitled "Biosystematics of novel Streptomyces from mangrove in Malaysia" and "Restoring the Zen in your guts-How microbiome affects human health," introduced by "How many bacteria are there in the human body" and introduced the microecological concept, distribution, and systematic explanation of the role of microecology in systemic diseases, focusing on the clinical treatment, prevention of the intestinal microecology and the latest research progress. In addition, he describes the research process from research topics selection, research purpose, research method, research results, and future research directions.

During the scientific debate time, Professor Learn-Han Lee and Post-Doctor fellow’s Ser Hooi Leng held a discussion with the leadership team of our school and preliminary consultations on related cooperation issues. At the same time, we had a lively discussion with our college teacher and students in scientific matters and questions; after that, the responses to those doubts from everyone were answered.

Professor Learn-Han Lee and Ser Hooi Leng post-doctoral fellows visited the cell biology laboratory, microbiology laboratory, and materials science laboratory of our school, and provided a guide for the current status and future development of our school.

This exchange activity is one of the events of the 6th Graduate Academic Conference of the School of Stomatology, which aims to broaden the international perspective of teachers and students of our school, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, explore interdisciplinarity, and promote faster discipline Better development. In the end, Professor Wang Jing issued a certificate of appreciation to the experts.