Epidemic "and cloud -- no pause key for the 2020 graduates from the school of Stomatology of Lanzhou University

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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important directive that ‘doing multiple measures and doing a good job in the employment of college graduates and other groups to ensure the stability of the overall situation of employment’, and conscientiously implement the Ministry of Education’s notification and requirements to response to the COVID-19 epidemic and do well for the 2020 employment and entrepreneurship of graduates of national ordinary colleges and universities graduates, according to the school’s ‘notice on carrying out the work of supporting unemployed graduates in 2020’, our college carried out the work of helping the unemployed students of the 2020 class in combination with the actual situation actively.

The online recruitment fair for the spring semester of School/Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou University was kicked off through the Tencent conference on March 27. Hainan Stomatological Hospital, Shanghai Ville Stomatology, Xi’an International College, Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital and other recruitment units and all graduates of the 2020 participated in the conference. The meeting was chaired by Wang Mengyao, our employment liaison officer. At the meeting, the person in charge of each recruitment unit gave a comprehensive presentation on the development situation, working environment, business philosophy, recruitment process of the respective units, as well as the training and salary and welfare issues that the students are more concerned about. After the meeting, the college established a separate WeChat contact group for each unit. Each unit conducted targeted and in-depth communication with classmates in the ‘face-to-face’ branch, and some students reached employment intentionsinitially. The recruitment fair established a two-way choice communication platform for graduates and employers during the epidemic thatit not only enabled students to understand the recruitment issues and the demand for talents in the stomatological market, but also opened up a visionfor them who are about to enter the social workplace.

At the same time, in combination with the professional characteristics, our college designates the responsible person for helping the unemployed students, and formulates the feasible helping plan, and sets up the work, implements the ‘one student one policy’ dynamic management accurately, and carries out the work of helping the unemployed graduatescomprehensively. According to the employment intention, employment area and unit nature registered by students in the employment system, providing relevant employment information or the obtained channels of employment information in a targetedly, and contact with long-term cooperative employers activelyand recommendconstantly. To tap the resources of faculty and alumnifully, and provide employment information and services to unemployed graduates, strengthening contacts with alumni units, and introducing and recommending unemployed students to alumni and their units actively, and expanding the employment channels of students continuously.

On the other hand, in order to solve the confusion encountered by graduates in the process of re-examination and job searching, and help the consulting students to improve the ability to solve problems, explore their own advantages, find the ideal jobs, and set up ‘online employment consultation’ service, and provide care and warmth to students in the first time, and strive to create an atmosphere of employment. Releasingthe employment information, recruitment information, employment guidance training and other related content in the official notice group of graduates every day, online ‘heart-to-heart’ with unemployed students, for different categories of students, guiding them to plan their career path, using rational and scientific methods for career analysis, and making appropriate career choices.

No spring will not come, and epidemic will not stop graduates to the pace of society, hoping that all graduates can open this dream door, and set sail!