Wang Junjie, 2018 graduate student of Stomatology School: persevering and moving forward during the anti-epidemic period.

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The spring of 2020 is so warm, but so impressive. I didn't expect that in the ninth year of studying and working in Lanzhou University, I met the longest holiday since I went to school and also had the most turbulent Spring Festival.

Confused and moving forward

In Lanzhou University, I have been used to being busy until late at night, going home for the Chinese New Year’s Eve, and writing my thesis on the second day of the first lunar month. However, affected by the covid-19 epidemic, I have dreamed of countless times of taking a rest. Realized, but not used to it.

 The epidemic suddenly happened, and people throughout the country are doing their best to fight to it. However, I, a party member and a future oral cavity doctor, can only contribute by going out less. I feel a little disappointed, and I have been thinking hard about what else I can do. In the early morning of the third day this month, a patient in Singapore contacted me and wanted to donate masks. I suddenly realized that there are many more things I can do!

This patient saw the notice I transmitted from the First Hospital of Lanzhou University that accepted the donation. Since not knowing the required masks’type, and hope that I can help. So, I quickly contacted the relevant person in charge of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University to inform them about the situation and coordinate the donation. Since then, I have started collecting medical supplies online from patients and friends who are currently abroad. Finally, after unremitting efforts, my patients purchased 60 cases of a total of 1,200 N95 face masks in urgent need, with a total value of more than 14,000 yuan. Until now, the First hospital of Lanzhou University has received 800, and 400 are still waiting to be received. In addition, my junior sister apprentice Liu Jing (2013) asked friends to raise 10 packs of KF94 masks from South Korea and donate them to the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, 6 of which have been received. At the same time, the students of my teacher donated 3,300 yuan spontaneously to purchase follow-up protective materials, hoping to continue to do their best for the first-line medical staff who lacked materials.

When all the materials raised were handed over to the hospital, the stone in my heart finally fell to the ground. Meanwhile, when I forwarded the announcement of accepting loving donations from the First hospital of Lanzhou University in the circle of friends, I really did not expect that I could contribute a real force to fight the epidemic!

In addition, although as anoral cavity doctor cannot fight on the front line, but relying on the Internet, I use my personal WeChat public account to publish 3 original science popularizations, and 39 of my articles are reproduced in the circle of friends,which is the main content for the majority of patients with the characteristics of science popularization in oral industry, how to control the disease, as well as the orthodontic patients how to deal with the problems of the long-term can't visit, etc. As is known to all, the treatment cycle of orthodontic treatment is generally about two years. During the epidemic period, some patients are anxious about the progress and want to return to the clinic for a check. By forwarding the articles of the public number to the patients and explaining them with pictures and words, the efficiency of doctor-patient communication has been improved and the understanding of the patients has been gained. In addition, I also conducted online follow-up for each of my patients through WeChat, and tried my best to ensure the treatment progress of the patients, so as to be responsible for each patient.

The days when we couldn't go out were also very fulfilling. From 2009 to now, I went home for a holiday. In terms of scientific research, I contributed an article related to clinical work on the basis of collected EI articles last year. Clinically, many very expensive online courses become free for a limited time, and taking advantage of free listening to many courses can be regarded as "blessing by disaster".In terms of part-time study: I ​​may be the most "unfocused" in oral cavity study, just like I was self-taught in computer level 2 and 3, on account of the interest in computers when I was an undergraduate. Because I like lectures, I became an online training for oral practitioners. The leader-the special lecturer of Dental Home, can take advantage of this at home to revise this year's courseware. In addition to lectures, because I am interested in finance, I am self-taught the knowledge of asset valuation, through learning asset valuation, accounting, financial management, these areas of economic law, which have not been dealt with before, have broadened the scope of knowledge, and at the same time, the angle of view has become more diverse. Epidemic forbidden us from travelinga lot, but also let us calm down to read many books, learning is an endless road, after the epidemic, I believe I will walk on this road more firmly!


Persistence and struggle

Public welfare is not easy, when you start to do it, you will find its hardness. When I was an undergraduate, I served as the deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee in charge of volunteer activities. As volunteers, we did a lot and knew the difficulties. But so many years have passed, whether it was that year, or this time, I choose to insist, because in my heart, the belief of the doctor's kindness and blessing of life has always been, before, now, and in the future. In the special period of anti-epidemic, salute the most beautiful "retrograde", salute all the fighting in the front line of the staff! As medical students, I hope that our hearts can stick to the original heart and vows when studying medicine, be well-versed, save lives and help the wounded, take the banner in the hands of countless medical predecessors, continue to move forward, in addition to the pain of human beings, to help perfect health I believe that when the spring flowers bloom, we will laugh together to the sun!