Documentary on Anti-epidemic Volunteers of School of Stomatology

Date: 2020-05-23 Clicks: ...

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, some undergraduate volunteers from the School of Stomatology actively participated in the anti-epidemic tide in their communities. Although the cold wind of first month is cold, they have not flinched, and they are doing their best work in obscurity. Tao Xiaoli, who lives in Guangxi, has helped commuting residents measure body temperature at the duty station of the street department since February 18 and reminded them to scan the QR code that records the trajectory. When nearby residents encounter difficulties, such as not being able to buy masks, or when the elderly don’t know how to use WeChat to scan QR codes, she will patiently help them solve these problems. ‘Although the five-hour day is not long, I have a very fulfilling life’. She hopes to use her limited vacation time to do more things that benefit others, ‘compared with the medical workers on the front line, I can do far less, but I still hope to contribute to this war without smoke’.

Wang Lijie from Henan participated in volunteer work in the community from February 1st to February 10th. Not only did she help the staff to register and sort the materials for the people in and out of the community, she also put more time into the promotion of epidemic prevention knowledge. She walked in the neighborhood to post posters and handed out flyers to help more residents understand the epidemic situation, invest in epidemic prevention, and effectively protect their personal health. ‘There are no bystanders in this defense, and we are all part of it’.

Zhao Jian from Inner Mongolia has been sticking to the volunteer service position since February 6. During the volunteer activities, he officially became a volunteer of the local Red Cross, and will later contribute his own youth power to more volunteer activities. ‘We want the society to witness more of our responsibility as college students. With our insignificant efforts to express our respect to the front-line medical staff’.

Our students did much more than that. Dunzhu Duojie, who helped the villagers disinfect from house to house. Huang Shijia, who assisted in the prevention and control of the census in the village committee. Yang Tingting from Jiangsu, and Li Min from Guizhou, all sacrificed their time to protect the health of community residents. Li Min said, ‘Our country is in a difficult time, and it is an honor for us to contribute to the country’. Each of them tried their best to fight against the epidemic and protect the health of the local residents. Hou zhiming, a student from Gansu province, said to us: ‘although our individual strength is small, but together we can overcome everything’. I believe that with the joint efforts of more young people with the spirit of Lei feng, we will finally win this battle and win a healthy future.