The research results of Ma Yu, associate professor of Stomatology, published in Science

Date: 2020-05-23 Clicks: ...

On April 9, Science published online a study by researchers from the university of Michigan, Shanghai Jiao tong university, Lanzhou university and the federal university of San Carlos in Brazil, ‘Emergence of complexity in academically organized criminal particles’. Associate professor Ma Yu of the school of stomatology of Lanzhou university was the co-author of the paper, and Lanzhou University School of Stomatology is the common communication unit.

The combination of organic-inorganic particles in nature forms unique materials and substances, such as the calcified layer of complex forms of coccolithophore and the hardest tooth enamel in human tissues. Such ordered nanostructures often exhibit a variety of sharp, networked, twisted and fractal morphologies, and constitute a super physical performance structure in soft tissues, but how are these layered tissue particles constructed?Based on the organic-inorganic system of gold-cysteine, the thesis prepared chiral particles with multi-level complex structure and strong chiral luminescence by self-assembly method. Through a variety of computer simulation methods, it is revealed that the assembly of this multi-level chiral structure is obtained by the balance of electrostatic repulsion and elastic limitation of the material.In addition, the effect of ligand content and nucleation temperature on the complexity of the final synthetic morphology was quantitatively studied through the development of mathematical graph theory.This work is a major breakthrough in the field of chiral plasma nanostructures and bioinspired assembly research, which helps to understand the origin of diversity in the structure of biological nanocomposites and points the way for the diversification of integrated nanostructures.  

The publication of the research results indicates that the research in the field of chiral biomimetic nanocomposite structure in the school of stomatology has reached the international level, which shows that the talent introduction of the school of Stomatology has made remarkable achievements. 

Hierarchical chiral particles(photo:Science