Our Hospital Has Become the Leading Unit Of The Tight Stomatological Alliance

Date: 2020-05-23 Clicks: ...

According to the deployment plan of Gansu Provincial Health Committee construction work plan and performance evaluation method of Gansu Province 2020 close type specialty (Technology) alliance, our hospital was determined to be the leading unit of Gansu close type specialty alliance of Stomatology.

Close sinking construction will improve quality of couplet of medical resources, use of telemedicinetechnology, realize province county health service homogeneity, help grassroots medical staff toimprove service ability, improve diagnosis and treatment level of medical institutions at the county levelrealize province county health service homogeneity, easing the burden on patients go to a doctor, to improve improve the rate of county medical treatment, and improve patients' satisfaction.

As the head hospital of the alliance of stomatology specialties, our hospital will give full play to it’s leading role in optimizing and adjusting the resources of stomatology to continue to improve the provincial oral medical environment, to help member unitsimprove the overall efficiency of oral medical services, better serve the broad masses of the people.