The Nursing Team of our Hospital Provides Strong Guarantee for Hospital Opening

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In the Spring Festival of 2020, the sudden epidemic of COVID-19 has disrupted all Chinese people’s New Year plans. T All the Chinese people's obligations and missions have been fulfilled. Due to the close contact of patients in oral diagnosis and treatment, it poses a great threat to the health of patients and medical workers and how to do “sense control” in oral diagnosis and treatment has become the focus of the entire oral medical staff. During this period, the nursing department of our hospital pays attention to the development of the epidemic situation actively, and understands and studies the mature and effective epidemic prevention measures in the industry, and does a good job of nursing guarantee work in the early stage and diagnosis and treatment for the hospital opening.

1. Carry out online training for all staff to ensure the safety of doctors and patients            

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of COVID-19 virus infections, according to the documents and requirements of National Health Commission, Health Commission of Gansu Province and Nursing Quality and Control Center of Gansu Province, the nursing department of our hospital has formulated the ‘Standard of Nursing Work in the Epidemic Period of Hospital of Stomatology Lanzhou  University’. Training for all nurses and the contents around the characteristics, clinical manifestations, how to distinguish, how to prevent and control, how to pre-test and screen, personal prevention of medical staff, disinfection of diagnosis and treatment environment, and disposal of medical waste and other ascepts to start, and striving for all nursing staff must be familiar with the prevention and control process to ensure the safety of every doctor and nurse at work, and the safety of patients. Yan Hua, Yu Tingting, two teachers and Wang Xuemei director of the nursing department, arranged the consulting room in strict accordance with the nursing sense control measures before the opening of the clinic on February 3.

 2. Strict protection standards and disinfection in the clinic

  Strict protection standards are conducive to minimizing the risk of infection and transmission between medical staff and patients, and between patients and patients. The nursing department requires nurses to arrive at the hospital at least 30 minutes in advance every day, and wear disposable protective clothing, disposable working cap, disposable surgical medical mask, disposable latex gloves, protective glasses / protective mask as required. Strictly according to the work standard to the consultation room for daily work’s preparation and sterilization, and in each patient after the end of treatment to replace them, conducting surface disinfection by using disinfection wet towel, to ensure the safety of the diagnosis and treatment environment.

 3. Strict terminal disinfection after diagnosis and treatment

  After the diagnosis and treatment, closing the doors and windows of the consultation room, turning on the UV lamp or air disinfector, todisinfect the air in the consultation room. The intensityof UV lamp should reach 1.5 W/m³, the disinfection time is one hour, after disinfection completing to conduct theadequate ventilation. After the use of equipment should be used in the site with 75% ethanol to wipe and disinfect; it can also use the effective chlorine concentration of 1000 mg/L of chlorine disinfectant to soak for 30 minutes. After the initial disposalof the equipment put into the packaging bag of medical waste, and the high temperature and high pressure sterilization shall be recovered by the disinfection supply center.

Strict management of medical waste disposal. Medical staff wearing medical masks and other disposable protective equipment put into the medical waste bucket, which can not to take out of the consultation room. The domestic waste generated from suspected and confirmed cases shall be treated as medical waste, using double-layer yellow medical waste collection bags, red mark “COVID-19medical waste”, medical waste daily production and daily disposal, strictly in accordance with the“The Medical Waste Management Measures in Medical and Health Institutions”, and make a good classified management of medical waste. Cleaning and removing all medical waste from the consultation room before working every day. After transhipment, using 1000 mg/L of chlorine disinfectant to clean and disinfect the temporary storage point of medical waste, and disposal staff makes personal protection.

4. Update the protection knowledge according to the development of epidemic situation

According to the documents and guidance of National Health Commission, Health Commission of Gansu Province and Nursing Quality and Control Center of Gansu Province, and the development of the epidemic, the nursing department provides the learning platform and materialscontinuously, and uses the learning network to train the whole staff of nurses.

  Every staff of nursing department cooperate with the doctor to do a good diagnosis and treatment, after the end of diagnosis and treatment according to the requirements to conduct the disinfection and protection of hospital and consultation room. Their hard-working is the guarantee for the orderly opening of the hospital!