National College Students' Mental Health Day

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The National College Students' Mental Health Day is held on May 25 every year. In order to let students understand their mental health and prepare for the start of school, our school carried out mental health ideological and political study through Tencent conference platform at 19:00 on May 17, 2020, and Yang Jinlong, a 2019 undergrade student, presided over the meeting.

The conference is composed of four parts: introduction of College Students' mental health day, psychological warfare "epidemic", the beginning of school, psychological adjustment and relaxation strategy, and the idea of free talk.

The first part introduces the National College Students' Mental Health Day. May 25th is the National College Students' Mental Health Day. The homophony of "May 25" is "I love me", which reminds students to "cherish life and care for themselves". The core content is: "love yourself, understand yourself, accept yourself, pay attention to your mental health and spiritual growth, improve your psychological quality, and then love others and society.".

The sense of security is everyone's psychological need to be stable, and it is a premonition of the possible danger or risk. In the second part, Yang Jinlong analyzed the psychological pressure that college students may encounter during the epidemic, and shared two ways to relieve the pressure: abdominal breathing and butterfly clapping, to help everyone relieve their pressure and improve their sense of security.

In the third part of the meeting, it was said that we should put psychological adjustment in the first place. Under the new coronavirus pneumonia, many changes have taken place in the life and learning styles of students after the resumption of class. There are inevitably anxiety, jittery, fear, depression, sadness, and fear. Therefore, the importance of psychological crisis intervention and counseling work is increasingly prominent. A good psychological state will produce positive energy for learning, life and even physical conditions. In this regard, the reporter gave three methods: 1. Firm belief and regulate anxiety and panic; 2. Pay attention to the official media and do not believe rumors; 3. Actively carry out psychological adjustment and adjust work and rest time.

Finally, the students expressed their opinions and views on relieving psychological pressure according to their own common experience.

Studying in other places, we lack the protection of our parents, so we need to learn to protect ourselves physically and psychologically. College life is not a short time. I hope that students can learn the mental health care methods suitable for themselves in this study, and have a fulfilling and happy college time.