Listen to those voices about graduation —— Lanzhou University School of Stomatology held a postgraduate experience exchange

Date: 2020-08-03 Clicks: ...

The wheels of time keep rolling; the flow of water turns around.

Everyone is carrying a torch to light up our lost direction.

Even though they will soon travel to the next stage of life, the 2015 students of Stomatology School have not forgotten where they came from. In order to help students plan campus life reasonably and face the difficulties of postgraduate entrance examination calmly, some outstanding undergraduate representatives of grade 2015 held an online postgraduate entrance examination experience exchange meeting through the network platform, and taught the junior students their experience in the process of postgraduate entrance examination and postgraduate insurance.

Xie Yongting, who came to West China Stomatology School by postgraduate insurance, gave students a lot of valuable suggestions and encouraged them to participate in skills competitions and social practice activities, which can not only improve their practical ability, but also broaden their horizons in the process of competition and enrich themselves in the journey of practice. Secondly, Huang Shijia shared his views. He stressed the importance of mental adjustment when taking the postgraduate entrance examination. He said we should always be confident in ourselves and never give up. When the pressure of fighting alone is too high, you can find a small partner to learn together. Mutual supervision and encouragement are often much more efficient than shutting yourself up in a room making a cart. The third sharer is Zhang Xinyi. She got her postgraduate insurance to Wuhan University. She introduced in detail about the summer camp of Wuhan University, including the opening time, materials required for enrollment and the policy of excellent campers. Secondly, Zhang Xinyi emphasized the importance of English learning. In order to turn English into a highlight in the postgraduate entrance examination, CET-4 and CET-6 must be passed. It is better to get TOEFL or IELTS scores. This can not only enrich your resume, but also improve your oral English. Next is Jiang Zhongwei. He mainly shared his experience of how to review efficiently when there was not enough time to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. The most important thing is not to give up, adjust your attitude and prepare for the exam carefully. At the same time, he also shared his learning methods and experience, as well as learning materials and videos. Jiang Zhongwei's experience sharing has made many students who doubt their ability regain their confidence. They believe that as long as they make unremitting efforts, they will be able to gain satisfactory results. Finally, several students also shared their experience in the postgraduate entrance examination. Almost everyone emphasized the importance of English learning and participation in scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship. They also gave their best wishes to the younger students who will take part in the postgraduate entrance examination.

The letter paper is shallow and narrow, and cannot write the friendship between students. Although we have not met, we can cross a thousand mountains. Graduate students are not the end of our study, but another beginning of our medical career. Through this exchange meeting, I believe that the students have a clearer plan for their future study and life. I hope that you can make full preparation, persist in struggle, and be admitted to the desired graduate school after the end of undergraduate life, so as to become a qualified stomatologist, realize their dreams, and contribute to the health of the people.