The dissertation defense of 2017 postgraduate students in School of Stomatology has been successfully completed

Date: 2020-08-03 Clicks: ...

From May 21 to May 23, 2017 master's degree thesis defense was carried out in our school. A total of 26 graduate students who have passed the qualification examination of the defense participated in this defense, and they were divided into 5 groups according to the research direction of students' papers. Experts from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Northwest University for Nationalities, Gansu Provincial People's Hospital, PLA Joint Logistic Support 940 Hospital, The First Hospital of Lanzhou University, the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University, School of Basic Medicine of Lanzhou University and our school jointly served as the defense committee members.

In view of the epidemic prevention and control situation and according to the different regions where students and supervisors are located, this thesis defense adopts the method of on-site + online, and through the "nail" software, the respondent, supervisors and experts of the defense committee can't participate in the on-site defense. The defense process is strictly in accordance with the requirements of Doctoral and Master's Thesis Defense of Lanzhou University. The defense graduate student firstly elaborates the main content and innovation of the dissertation. Then enter the defense committee to ask questions, defense experts from the thesis topic selection, research methods and paper prospects and other links to ask questions. The respondent listens attentively, calmly answers, and carefully records the valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by experts of the defense Committee. After the defense, they Committee holds a meeting to discuss and vote, and forms a defense resolution for the students participating in the reply based on the defense situation and evaluation opinions.

Our school attaches great importance on the defense work, according to defense and defense students, tutors and the actual situation of the committee of experts, select the scene and video with the reply form of combining and defense secretary training ahead of time, video defense equipment debugging and the practice of the question-and-answer session, to ensure the successful completion of the defense work.