The school of Stomatology (School of Hospital) held the second session of the first staff and union general meeting

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On the afternoon of May 21st, the second session of the first faculty meeting and the union general meeting of school of Stomatology (School of Hospital) was held at 639, Medical Laboratory Building, East district, Chengguan Campus. All faculty members and union members attended the meeting which was chaired by the Chairman of the Union  Fu Yaxi.

The meeting opened with a solemn national anthem. Director Liu Bin delivered a work report at the opening ceremony, comprehensively reviewed the major work of the school and hospital in 2019, deeply analyzed the main situation and challenges faced by the reform and development of the school and hospital, and clearly put forward the overall idea, main tasks and measures of the school and hospital in 2020. He pointed out that with the hard work of the faculty and staff, in 2019, the school and hospital had overcome difficulties and moved forward with heavy burdens, promoting development through reform, cultivating innovation with characteristics, and doing solid work with full harvest. In 2020, is the key to the school and hospital comprehensive reform, always to Xi Jinping new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics thoughts as the instruction, take the initiative to adapt to the rapid development of the new normal situation, Adhere to the basic task of cultivating people with morality, and to the "sound system, standard management, the key breakthrough, the whole advancement" working train of thought, go forward, hardworking, with more vigorous attitude, seize new opportunities, to meet new challenges, booster the school and hospital connotative development.

Then, it heard the head of financial department Zhou Yanyan, vice director Li Zhige, Fu Yaxi on the other four topics of the conference detailed interpretation.

In order to better fulfill the responsibilities of the conference, the faculty and staff of the college were divided into four groups for discussion, and their opinions were collected. Members of each group made suggestions and put forward many specific suggestions and improvement methods, which played a positive role in further improving the management of the school and hospital and enhancing cohesion.

The congress also adopted the method for the election of the members of the second Trade Union Committee and elected a new chairman and members of the trade Union Committee.

At the closing ceremony, the meeting voted to adopt the Work Report of Lanzhou University School of Stomatology (Stomatological Hospital) and the 2019 Financial Report and the 2020 annual financial Budget Report of Lanzhou University Stomatological Hospital. Zhou Lizhen, secretary of the Party Committee, thanked the faculty and staff for their hard work in the development of the school and hospital firstly, and she said that 2020 is a crucial year for the development of the the school and hospital,each staff should be closely around the school, the school development goals, constantly clear working idea, improve work method, detailed work plan, give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, unite as one, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, make contributions to development institute (hospital) high quality.